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For almost a decade now, Louise has been providing professional portrait and commercial photography services to clients across Sydney and The Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia.


This thorough ONLINE GUIDE, together with VIDEO TUTORIALS, is specifically made for PARENTS, showing parents, how to SAFELY achieve BEAUTIFUL images using your PHONE.

COVID-19 has meant professional photographers can NOT POSE BABIES due to restrictions and many parents have been left disappointed. Their hopes of having gorgeous images to share with family and friends of their brand new baby have gone out the window!

UNTIL NOW! You will be shown how to incorporate everyday items found in most 'new parents' homes without the need to buy ANY special equipment. You'll have access to safety, how to set up, wrapping and posing, plus lots of helpful TIPS and TRICKS.

This will NEVER REPLACE the high quality service a PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER can offer or the quality of image produced from a DSLR camera, however when time is of the essence and hiring a professional is not an option, THIS IS THE ANSWER.